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Countryside Raindance: 14-floor high rise

Drawing its inspiration from ancient Indian wisdom, Countryside Raindance uses the sacred principles of Vastu. Celebrate togetherness and the nostalgia of your own childhood; give your children a similar home that focuses on building healthy relationships with family, neighbours and friends. Choose from a range of over 100 3BHKs and 24 2BHKs. Raindance has a home for every need.


The masterplan of Raindance was designed to create a harmonious marriage between the two properties. They are joined by a large open space that brings the properties towards each other. The unique shape is a result of a calculated 13 metre setback that sets up the property with gardens, cozy corners and play areas. This gives you a community space that takes you away from the claustrophobic city and gives you a taste of the simple country life.

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